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moncler outlet ny Production: (Extended) + NEXT season actor/filmmaker interviews that contain spoilers + unofficial NEXT season info/images/video not released by HBOInfinite: Modposted Leak Quarantine Threads allowing for discussion of all rumors, spoilers, leaks, etc out there on the web. (No Linking. No Piracy. No „PM Me.”)I cheap moncler jackets mens think the issue is that there is a discrepancy between what they are asking and what they do with the answer.They are asking „What rating do you think this episode/movie should have on IMDB?”If you believe that the episode was excellent, but had some non critical flaws which kept it from being 10/10, then you might think that this episode should have a 9/10 moncler online store on IMDB.So, to answer their question, you would rate it as 9/10.But what they do with the answer, is average it with everyone else answers. And there are lots of people giving answers. So, if it is sitting at 8.6/10, the effect of giving it a 9/10 will be to increase that score a little bit. By giving it 10/10, you will increase the score a little bit more than if you had given it a 9/10.(EDIT: It turns out that it a bit more complicated than just taking an arithmetic mean (adding all votes up, dividing by total), which is what you likely all familiar with. You can read what little IMDB reveals moncler outlet woodbury about their method here. Thanks to /u/hawktherapper for sharing the link. Everyone go upvote his post. I believe that my statement in the edit at the very end still applies to the method that they use. cheap moncler jackets womens The rest of what I saying here may not apply as readily to IMDB, but does apply to other sites that use simple averaging to determine rating moncler womens jackets scores based on public responses on a 1 to 10 scale or a 5 star scale, or moncler outlet sale anything like that.)At the end of the day, rating it as 10/10 will cause the score to be closer to what you believe the score should be, than if you had given it the score that you believed it should have been.Frankly, I think the X/10 scale is pointless when you are dealing with random people on the internet, especially if you average the results and display them. It doubly pointless if you display the scores while still allowing people to vote, thus perhaps influencing how they will vote by telling them how it stands right now.I think a 4 level scale would be better: Hated it, Disliked it, Liked it, Loved it (Or maybe, two thumbs down, thumbs down, thumbs up, two thumbs up)Don do any averaging or anything. Show the percentage for each, cheap moncler sale maybe in a pie chart or something, and then have the cheap moncler coats mens score be the lower bound of a 90% confidence interval for the % favorable (either Liked or Loved). (By using the lower bound of a confidence interval, instead of just the % favorable, you make it so that a movie with 5 votes, of which 4 are favorable, won be rated higher than a movie with 10,000 votes, of which 8,000 are favorable. This is desirable since the first one is likely to have fluctuations as more people review it. Imagine 5 more people review the first movie. If they all vote unfavorable, suddenly the % favorable goes from 80% to 40%, a huge change. If 5 more people review the second movie, it not going to change the score much, regardless of how they vote.)By removing numerical values, you get a better idea of what people actually Moncler sale think. A major problem with numerical values is that people don agree on what the values mean. For example, people will disagree with what exactly constitutes a 5. Since it in best moncler jackets the middle, should that be the score an average movie would get? Or since 5/10 would be a failing grade, should that be a movie that pretty bad but has several redeeming features?EDIT: Wow, okay. I just realized that there is an even bigger problem going on here. When you rate a movie on moncler uk outlet a scale of 1 to 10, cheap moncler jackets that acts as an Ordinal Scale. You moncler outlet store notice that it says that using „mean” isn moncler outlet prices allowed for this kind of data. That because the moncler outlet differences don really mean anything. Only the order matters.Say that you rated gave out the following ratings:Drive 7/10Heat 8/10Snatch 9/10All this means is that you think that Snatch is better than Heat is better than Drive. You put these movies in order, leaving room for some movies which are better than Snatch, and leaving uk moncler outlet room for lots of differentiation between movies which are not as good as Drive. You haven said that the improvement in quality from Heat to Snatch is moncler sale outlet equal to the improvement in quality from Drive to Heat. You can say that you like one movie better than another movie, but that really all you can do. And when this is all you doing, all of the arithmetic for finding the mean will still work. But the answer you get won be a measure of the center of your data set. Median and/or Mode need to be used instead.Using Median instead would also discourage extreme voting. If the score is currently 9/10, moncler outlet online giving any rating between 1 and 8 will have the same (immediate) effect on the median. So there is less incentive to vote 1, if your true feelings are that the movie ought to be rated 7/10.I still think that the way I describe above is a better solution, as it also deals with the discount moncler jackets ambiguity of the ratings.EDIT2: For anyone who wants to read more about the problems with just averaging, and why you should use confidence intervals instead, here is some further reading for you. Caution: Contains mathematics/statistics. ugly, smelly. in other words: A TRASH. It was an episode full of lies most. For those who like, do not waste your time. I lost my full Sunday. I could have gone. but stayed home to watch this episode of vomiting. Jeez. life here at work people love it so much comes spend hours and hours straight talking type: Game of Thrones go, Game of Thrones to here. commenting, like on Wednesday carnival, which is a day 100% unproductive, people cooking rooster talking about the episode, and the tears fall like rain comes. well, every second, up to 12hrs all talking this nonsense without stand or head game of thrones. the panic the show here is incredible. it seems the madness dominates their bodies as uk moncler sale if they were possessed. they levitate, turn heads 360 degrees, the same as the movie moncler sale online exorcist. can only have moncler usa one black witchcraft and crazy on this show. I leave it here or I moncler sale close of being possessed by them too.I mean maybe this is just an outlier but. that not the most compelling or coherent argument against the episode moncler outlet ny.