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These below freezing temperatures have us begging for spring. Since we have a while to go ’til things warm up and we don’t see a tropical vacation in our near future hermes replica , we’re craving something a little brighter to keep us warm. Well, enter the Nicole by Nicole Miller line for JCPenney and their stunning behind the scenes video of their lookbook.The clip is filled with some amazing sunglasses to block out the future UV rays. Throw in some floral dresses, colorful handbags and a chunky heel and we’re on board.The video is packed with some amazing color that’s already warming us up. We’re calling it now — this spring will be the season for Nicole Miller. The video also gives you some BTS action on what it’s like to shoot a lookbook. So just in case you were trying to go into photography or similar fields you can get a little taste.Nicole Miller behind the scenes photo shoot from Hello Super 8 on Vimeo.

A Taste Of Spring With Nicole by Nicole Miller

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