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ourlegacy 3 points submitted 20 days ago

My interest in making moncler outlet store gold started off back cheap moncler jackets in vanilla by doing contests and quizzes. I didn really earn a lot of gold but I buy moncler jackets gained friends who helped me greatly, and one friend gave me the Krol blade and epic riding + mount for cheap moncler my hunter.

Now I started again in Legion and I been flipping the bone raptor mount on moncler outlet sale a few servers. I sometimes find lots of bones on the AH for 0.75g 2.5g and sell it for 45k 50k in trade chat (I could buy the bones up to 3g since that the price of many of the 999 stacks, but I in no rush of getting bones and I rather make 5k more per sale). I earn between 20 40kish moncler sale per flip and I sell between 1 5 per day monlcer down jackets depending on how often I on my alt with the bones. I spent maybe 250k bones and I earned about 750k from them. Whenever I sell the mount I inform them how they turn them in, give a step by step guide for getting there and if the turn in bugs then how they fix that. Some people wants me to show them so I just fly with them since it cheap moncler sale only takes 3 cheap moncler outlet minutes. Only one has commented on the bones being sold for a lot more after they got the mount, but he also said it was fine since I did guide him and I was very polite and helpful. Sometimes when I post in trade chat then I get a „You can just buy the bones for 25k on AH” and that true but a lot of people don know that the mount exists or that the bones are required for the mount. Almost every time I sell the bones and put them in the trade window, then I get a confused customer because they thought it was a single mount item. 1 point submitted 1 month ago

I not being judgemental. I just being frank. Like in the moncler outlet online comments you linked, the people I cheap moncler coats replied moncler mens jackets to were all rude and didn add anything to the major discussion. Most threads about kids just point fingers at others and tell them to get out of the sub, and to grow up before they can come back. It doesn help making the subreddit any better. I made many nuanced comments suggesting why the situation is as it is on designerreps, and why it won improve for some time, but seems like you left those out when moncler outlet linking some of my comments :/ 1 point submitted 1 month ago

I not ignoring it. I just stating that being rude towards people doesn help the subreddit grow, and actually makes the situation worse. If you read my detailed comments on what needs to happen with the rep subreddits, then you know that it not as simple as telling moncler sale outlet to fuck off and grow up.

And being condescendent towards people by saying „It not that difficult to grasp this idea, dude.” is an oversimplification of the situation and you assume I don know what going on. Go look further in my comments than you already cheap moncler outlet did if you actually want to know what I think.