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I’d get closer to understanding this move if the things that they want to discuss during that time were actually relevant specifically to the people they want to let in.Seems like all the topics on the list are general stuff however, so I don’t see any reason at all to ban anyone from attending based on their identity.And this is assuming the bullshit claim that there’s anything different about either of these groups to begin with. Is it tinfoil hat territory to assume that gamers generally look for the same things in their games and are likely interesting in the same background info we can expect from this panel?If you think otherwise, just imagine how much this would blow up if the room/event was declared male only.It funny because I guarantee nothing will come of this and everyone will forget later and no one will make an article about it and no one will fight it.Because sexism against men is ok. /sWomen who fight for women rights don understand that they aren just fighting for their right to be better, they should be fighting for EVERYONE to be on equal footing.MLK didn fight for blacks to be better than whites, he fought for them to be equal and quite literally hold hands side by side.

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