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moncler jackets mens Leaving Russell Westbrook has been the best thing for just about everyone’s career moncler jackets mens

moncler coats for men I cheap moncler jackets mens believe Windhorst said that in one of the Hoop Collective pods. Although, uk moncler sale if you follow the ESPN NBA cheap moncler jackets universe, you should moncler uk outlet know Windhorst was originally against this idea when it was presented to him a year ago by Rachel Nichols. It was only recently with Lebron Post all star break form that he voiced his change in heart. He also compared Lebron MVPs placements over the years to Jordan placements over the years, where said player could have won it every year, but due to fatigue and other circumstances were unlikely to win it.He puts up points (with too many shots), gets a ton of rebounds (when others should get them while he sets up the play) and delivers assists (with a high turnover rate). Nevertheless, outside of this sub, he almost never criticized for this. Everyone is amazed at his amount of triple doubles.This all adds up to create a personality moncler outlet sale that thinks he the absolute best ever, and can fathom why they losing. He so far in his own head, which is stuck up his own ass, that he just can figure it out, and history shows that he not moncler outlet willing to change.OKC has been a revolving moncler outlet prices door of player and coaches, and I guarantee you PG is gone next year, regardless of how soon they exit, unless they miraculously win the finals. which is nigh impossible at this point. To me, this is all evidence that no one can affect change in Westbrook mentality.I honestly don think the organization cares. They have a flashy star in Westbrook. He always in the media, which brings viewers. He good enough to will a team to the playoffs, but not good enough to get past that. I always thought, „yeah but who cares? He the best ball hog in the world.” Westbrook is also a ball hog, as most of the best players on any given team will be, but with him it different because of the decisions he makes. Jordan knew when he needed to give the ball up, while Westbrook doesn know or doesn care. He almost always thinks he the best option, and he needs to realize that being a facilitator is just as important. When LeBron came to realize this (when he had a good supporting cast like Westbrook does right now), he took his game to an entirely new level. But it feels like the only way Russ will change is if he gets put into a system that doesn revolve around him. Think of how insane an asset like Russ would be in a system that emphasizes ball movement. He is already a great player, even if he does bring down the team when he doesn realize that he not feeling it, but he could be so much better if he would just learn to spread it around and let the game come to him, instead of always trying to force it.The team with the highest % of shots taken over 24 feet in 2000 is lower than the lowest % of shots taken over 24 feet cheap moncler coats mens this year. It not like there wasn players who couldn shoot the three at a good percentage either. Ray Allen was shooting 43% (Bucks as team shoot 38% on threes), yet only 21.5% of the Bucks shots were in that range (3rd highest in the league that year). Compare that to this year with moncler outlet woodbury Harden shooting threes at 37% (Rockets as team shooting 33% for three), but 50% of their shots are at that range. It pretty clear that something changed, but players ability to make a three isn what it was. I sure those Bucks percentages would have dropped some with more volume, but as we know now the extra point from a made three is worth that dip. They baby and placate all their discount moncler jackets players way too much. It the reason as soon as Oladipo, Waiters and even Harden leave OKC they get into way better shape. It the reason KD always talks about the difference in culture between OKC and Golden State. Russ is flawed, but he also on the one team that insulates him from recognizing these flaws and uk moncler outlet changing. If an interviewer wants to ask a bad question, OKC protects him. They moved on from calm mild mannered Scott Brooks cheap moncler sale to even more calm and mild mannered Billy Donovan. You can see the same moncler online store lack of accountability with Melo and PG now. OKC always as the mentality of „we know we not moncler sale online a major market but we want you to feel loved here” to the point of just zero accountability and letting the inmates run the asylum.KD won a title because he went to a 73 win team. Also the Thunder moncler womens jackets were one game away from beating said team the year before and likely going on to a win a title themselves.Harden is a moncler usa top moncler sale 5 player who would have been a stud regardless. Clearly deserved to run his cheap moncler jackets womens own team.Sabonis was a rookie last year and might just be slowly adjusting the NBA game.Reggie Jackson/Dion/Kanter seem like stretches. But Oladipo seems to credit WB with teaching him a lot. there no need to throw in bullshit examples to try and prove your point.Enes Kanter is literally the same player but in a bigger role. The only thing that improved is his defense. We knew he was capable of putting up these scoring/rebounding numbers as a starter. The only thing holding him back in OKC was Steven Adams and his defense.Sabonis was a rookie when moncler sale outlet he played in OKC so no shit he was going to improve coming into this season. He was being misused as a stretch 4 rather than a rim rolling 5 in OKC to accommodate for their lack of spacing. Plus they already had a really solid center rotation so there was no spot for Sabonis at the 5. That a roster construction/coaching problem. not Westbrook fault.Reggie best moncler jackets is moncler outlet online just totally irrelevant. Him and Westbrook played the same position and Westbrook was CLEARLY better so he was given the bigger opportunity. And yes, Reggie numbers improved when he was given a bigger role and more minutes. Are we really blaming Westbrook for getting minutes over a guy he was better than?I think Dion is just overrated in general but again he just an example of a guy getting a bigger role and putting up better numbers because of that. He an inefficient scorer that likes the ball in his hands and was playing moncler outlet store on a team with 2 really good, more efficient scorers that also like the ball in their hands. Does Tom really think a guy scoring on 50% TS deserves shots over Westbrook? He was a limited roleplayer on OKC because that what he deserved to be.You said all there is to really say about Durant and Harden. And I actually think Oladipo is a pretty good example for his case. But overall, it really just silly and I hate when people do this. Saying „His stats improved when he left OKC, must be Westbrook fault!” without looking at ANY of the context is so ridiculously stupidThis is complete bullshit moncler coats for men.