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moncler outlet canada 2,026 points submitted 15 days agoI of the mind that the term „the speed of light in a medium” should be forever abolished. Light does not travel at all moncler sale online through a medium. Rather, an EM wave incident on the boundary between the vacuum and a material INDUCES A POLARIZATION WAVE in the uk moncler outlet material. It is moncler outlet this polarization wave that is making the journey through the material, not the original light.What is meant by polarization? Atoms have a positively charged nucleus surrounded by negatively charge electrons. Their net charge is zero and if left alone the moncler uk outlet average position or „center” of their negative charge and the center of their positive moncler Moncler Outlet usa charge lie on top of one another/are at the same point (the center of the nucleus) moncler outlet store even though the electrons and nucleus are in spatially separate places. However an electric field pulls cheap moncler jackets womens negative charges one way and positive charges the other, and thus when an electric field is applied to an atom, moncler sale the centers of its negative charge and positive charge are slightly pushed apart from one another and the atom acquires a net dipole moment (a dipole is a positive charge q and an equal in magnitude negative charge q that are slightly displaced in position from one another resulting in a net electric field even though one has charge neutrality overall). This dipole moment produces its own field which acts against the applied field. This whole action is called polarization and how a material is polarized for a given applied field is a material dependent property depending on what is made out of and the crystal structure it adopts.So the true object is a composite excitation that is the net „thing” that comes out of this competition from the applied electric field (by this we mean the incident vacuum EM wave) and the polarization response of the material. An EM wave never travels anything but the speed of light, but this net composite object has a material dependent moncler sale outlet character and can make its way across the material at a slower speed than the inciting EM wave.Also, just a few final comments. If anyone ever told you light is slowed in a material because it makes a pinball path, that is utter BS. One can understand this pretty readily as, if that were true, the path of light cheap moncler coats mens would be random moncler outlet woodbury when moncler outlet sale leaving the material, rather than refracted by a clear, material dependent, angle theta. If someone told you that it gobbled up by atoms moncler online store and then re emitted cheap moncler sale randomly and best moncler jackets this produces a pinball path, that even more wrong. If that were the case then clearly „the speed of light in a medium” would depend on the capture and emission times and decay times of electron states of atoms, it doesn it take a longer path through the medium, also increasing the time.It is possible to derive Snell law, the law saying how much incident light curves due to refraction, by simply finding the path of least time given the „speed of light” in each medium (again, I don like this term).EDIT: For those with the appropriate background, Feynman lecture on this is pretty great:jjCyberiaQuantum Optics Quantum Information 3 points submitted 15 days moncler womens jackets agoPerhaps I misunderstanding you, but it is not correct that in a dielectric medium, the only thing propagating is the induced polarization (and/or magnetization). The electric displacement is the sum of the incident free radiation and the induced polarization.You can construct a useful and well defined model that quantizes the EM field in a dielectric medium. Field quantization in dielectric media and the generalized multipolar HamiltonianTry it yourself: take a piece of twisted static rope (not stretchy, easier to see the effect than dynamic rope) and keep twisting it. you will feel it stiffen up and be harder to bend as the individual threads tighten into their neighbors and start to act like a single solid piece rather than individual threads. If there is enough friction between the threads to keep it from untwisting it will stay stiff even if you let go.The reason a rope can bend and flex is because the individual threads can move relative to each other, if you keep that from happening it will act solid. Kinda like the difference between a steel brush with space between the bristles being able to flex compared to a tight braided steel cable that is very difficult to bend at all even if the thread diameter moncler outlet prices and thread number is the same on both.Stonephone 3 points submitted 27 days agoIt was may 2012. I had purchased a Triumph T 100 850cc 900cc motorcycle iirc, I believe mine was an 865cc) weeks before being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I had been staying in town at a friend (Houston, Texas) and had ran into a friend from high school (class of 07). I had 2 beers in a 4 5 hour period as I was talking more so than nursing my drink ( I was tested at .03 during admission). I actually worked at a bar a mile moncler outlet online away, and one of the perks was free food. Diabetes was still new to me but I understood quickly that it was important to eat when drinking, which I did. I blacked out sitting at an intersection. That was the last thing I remember. Diabetes is complicated, even if you were to eat the same thing in a schedule every day, your body can still respond slightly differently. Most people new to the disease think that alcohol raises their sugar, but it my personal theory, and somewhat supported my experienced diabetics, that while drinking your body processes everything faster. In this case, my insulin.Edit: a word and details about the bikejjCyberia 2 points submitted 1 month agoMy 2 cents are that I think the internal volume of the fish will decrease when it bends for the following reason. 1/4 of a doughnut) it clear that the inner arc has a shorter length than the outer arc. But when you shorten one uk moncler sale side of a fish and lengthen the other, the amount of fish meat has to go somewhere. But that says to me that the inner part of the fish will get fatter but also push inward while the outer cheap moncler jackets mens part of the fish cheap moncler jackets will stretch but will also try and the curve a bit by also pushing inward. This would have the effect of decreasing the total internal volume, and therefore increase the internal discount moncler jackets pressure.if you think about putting a kink in a hose, it clear that the extreme bend causes the internal diameter to pinch off, which surely decreases the net volume moncler outlet canada.