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HMB While I bump with cop

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VI. No memes, politics, low effort posts, spam, agendas, or witch canada goose black friday sale hunting. canada goose factory outlet Don be a dick. However a bunch of them started darting into on coming traffic and Canada Goose online putting canada goose outlet reviews civilians in danger. I turned my lights on and gave them the old woop woop canada goose factory sale just to tell them to chill out. Of course this only made them freak out and everyone started taking off. One particularly large gentlemen at the back of the pack tried to do the same Canada Goose Parka curb jump as his more athletic compatriots and lost control, turning over the ATV and slamming his unprotected skull into the canada goose outlet sale pavement. I got out and called for an ambulance and kept him on the ground, he wasn in the same time zone cheap Canada Goose as the rest of us and kept trying to stand up but had blood trickling out of his ears. No DL no ID bad name and dob no registration no info. He ended up passing out and going with the ambulance. My Sgt and I agreed that he probably earned a lifetime of punishment and canada cheap canada goose uk goose outlet uk sale buy canada goose jacket cheap didn find anything to give him a ticket for. We impounded the ATV since it didn have a registered owner and wished the guy luck. Because of some long standing corruption canada goose uk outlet related State policies, all revenue collected by the SLMPD canada goose coats canada goose outlet parka from traffic tickets goes to the State of Missouri general fund not the Police Department. They have very little incentive to write tickets canada goose and generally do canada goose outlet in usa not give a fuck unless you cause a wreck and they have to get out of their trucks.

On top of that, St. Louis isn exactly the lowest crime metropolis. official canada goose outlet Louis, MO, which you may have heard of. St. Louis Canada Goose sale has experienced about a 2/3 decrease in population canada goose outlet store uk canada goose store since the mid twentieth century due to a combination of de canada goose outlet toronto factory industrialization and flight to the suburbs.

The northern part of the city is a terrible ghetto, and one which no one seems to care very much about. There also very little uk canada goose outlet effective public canada goose coats on sale transportation, so people without cars are largely excluded even from the canada goose jacket Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet low level service jobs that canada goose outlet canada proliferate in the suburbs.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY during the 80 (and not in a nice part), and I was shocked by the conditions in North St. But with dirt bikes. Years ago when I was a kid, the cops used to canada goose outlet online chase them until one day a cop was chasing a dirt bike and flew through a stop sign, hitting a pizza delivery driver in the driver side canada goose outlet shop door killing him instantly. Since that happen cops are canada goose outlet jackets no longer allowed to chase them in cars.

One of the hard things for law enforcement I think is remembering that just because your job makes you deal with shit human beings every single day, the majority of society isn like the small percentage you forced to interact with.

I drive through the city every day to work and in almost twenty years now I been pulled over by a city cop exactly once. First day with a new, fast car and I pulled out left past some slow coach where canada goose outlet nyc canada goose clearance sale a goose outlet canada fourth lane merges in from the left. Floored it uk canada goose and was doing canada goose outlet new york city at least a hundred before I realized there was a city cop coming along the merge. Dude lights me up, walks up to my window says „Slow down”, walks back to his truck and drives off.

SLMPD has better things to do and don get money from traffic tickets (it goes do the MO General Fund due to some long standing shenanigans). They DNGAF.