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While Chinese companies are prolific patent applicants, researchers caution many are for minor improvements or „me too” imitations.The array of areas where Chinese companies lag is highlighted by Beijing’s own development plans. They call for state led development in fields from energy and robotics to artificial intelligence and biotechnology.In areas as basic as new seeds and agricultural biotechnology, business groups complain Beijing blocks access to US and other imports while it tries to build up alternative suppliers.Chinese leaders say Washington wants to „contain a rising China” but fail to see how damaging Western governments consider their tactics to be, said Scott Kennedy of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.”My sense is this is hard for the Chinese to recognize because it would require them to admit that their industrial policies are not the 'win win’ package they claim to offer,” said Kennedy in an email.Chinese leaders are especially uneasy about relying on foreign technology to keep the nation’s secrets.The European Union Chamber of Commerce said in a report last year mediocre but subsidized companies might flood the market, squeezing out truly innovative Chinese suppliers. Its own companies collect less than $2 billion for rights to their own technology..

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