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I never thought i’d see anything like this in my own town

Ever canada goose outlet try fixing things on your own? Didn come out the way they were supposed to? Do you Canada Goose sale stand there questioning your whole Canada Goose Outlet life? If so, post your results here to DiWHY (Pronounced DEE EYE WHY, DIwhY. I would never want to live in a neighborhood that looks like that. I want my neighborhood to have personality, and I wouldn want to feel like I in prison in my own house. I cant believe people live like this by choice. When I was growing up we lived on a private lane way with a The extent of it was that my mom would send them a bill at the end of every winter for plowing, and you couldn dry your laundry in the front yard, and I don think anyone would have given a shit if you did. You not planning on selling your wife are you?There also the neighborhood effect. When you buying a house you don just consider the structure and the property, you consider the neighborhood. Is this a place you want to live? You take the 2 identical houses one in a nice neighborhood and you drop it next to a meth lab and a trailer park and you not going to be able to get as much for the second. There a reason some people would want to live in a (reasonable) HOA.One thing that seems to canada goose coats happen pretty often too is you buy into a HOA canada goose factory outlet and it will be canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet canada reasonable canada canada goose factory sale goose outlet nyc at the time. 5 years later Bob at the end of the block retires canada goose uk outlet canada goose jacket outlet and he decides with his newfound time he canada goose cheap canada goose uk outlet sale going to get involved canada goose store in the HOA. Since the HOA has been canada goose uk black friday reasonable up to this point most of the neighbors don pay close attention to the internal goings on and Bob gets some really asinine rules put in place. Completely bizarre. You get nice canada goose clearance canada goose outlet online uk neighbourhoods Canada Goose online here because the same type of people tend to buy the same types of houses. People canada goose outlet black friday who like gardening tend to either stick together or get uk canada goose the buy canada goose jacket cheap gardener in when needed.Nobody does anything horrendous to their house because people tend to not want to deface their property. And laws tend to take care of everything that could goose outlet canada goose canada reasonably be considered an annoyance.People accept that if a canada goose outlet uk house canada goose outlet store uk has a driveway then a car might be parked on it. canada goose outlet reviews That what is Canada Goose Parka for. I don know how people got to the mentality that that was a bad idea. canada goose outlet uk sale They probably have excessive fear of the canada goose outlet parka worst possible scenario, or just like the abandoned look. canada goose clearance sale Or the plastic canada goose outlet shop Canada Goose Jackets pretend doll house look.I think the problem is, it engrained in US culture now and so impossible to get rid of. Doll houses tend to canada goose coats on sale look all shiny, so who canada goose outlet online wouldn want a shiny street? uk canada goose outlet Whereas here, ignorance is bliss. I posted above about where I grew up, it was canada goose outlet jackets cheap Canada Goose a private laneway canada goose outlet in usa canadian goose jacket that had 5 houses on it. The HOA consisted of a few rules that pretty much boiled down to cut Canada Goose Online your grass canada goose outlet toronto factory now and then, don line dry your laundry right out front by the laneway, pay the annual plow/mowing bill (my mom plowed and mowed it since she had access to the equipment through her job.Then they got onto me once, canada Goose Sale after I had lived there over a year, for having my trash can visible on the side of my garage. It was behind a bush and only visible from the street at certain angles. They again fucked off when I pointed out much more egregious examples of visible cans throughout the neighborhood and requested records proving I wasn the only individual told to correct this.Beyond those two incidents they left me alone entirely. I rather not have them at all, but it not much of a choice to dissolve it. My subdivision has common land owned by the HOA itself due to the layout of roads and such, so the HOA hires landscapers to keep things mowed. Maybe two years ago they just outsourced everything to a management company who really just pays the landscapers and IDK what else.The management company did try to get on me about my trash can (still behind the same bush) the first winter when, ya know, the bush had canada goose black friday sale no leaves and you could see right through it. As the text in canada goose outlet new york city the HOA buy canada goose jacket rules is that cans must be „behind an improvement on the property or inside the garage” I said „it still behind the bush, not official canada goose outlet my fault canada goose outlet canada goose uk shop store we have seasons and the bush has no leaves right now” and they left me alone and apologized canada goose black friday sale.