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The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport Oregon

Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium in uk moncler sale Newport, OregonIf you are looking for family vacation ideas, or simply a serene place for a get away, the Oregon Coast offers year round mild temperatures and stunning scenery. Of all the places to visit, the one that you should best moncler jackets not miss is the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon.

Located on the Central Coast, the aquarium is easily accessible from all areas of Western Oregon. About 3 hours from Astoria, an hour from Corvallis, and discount moncler jackets 2 hours from the California border, Newport, Oregon is worth the drive.

Parents Magazine, Forbes Traveler, USA Today and cheap moncler jackets mens Coastal Living named cheapmoncler the Oregon Coast Aquarium among the top ten in the nation. Spirit Magazine called Passages of the Deep „The coolest 50 yards on the Oregon Coast!”

After our recent visit, I would have to agree! My 8 year old twins and I headed south along Highway 101 to Newport to go to the Oregon cheap moncler jackets womens Coast Aquarium over Labor Day weekend. I’ve visited the Seattle Aquarium, the Seaside Aquarium and the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco.

In my opinion, the Oregon Coast Aquarium beats all of these venues, hands moncler outlet prices down. Here’s why!

Overview of Attractions at the Oregon Coast AquariumThe Oregon Coast Aquarium is easy to navigate, no matter your buy moncler jackets age. Most visitors will start with the Passages moncler outlet woodbury of the Deep, which takes you literally right through the ocean waters, allowing you to observe fish and other wildlife above, below and right next to you.

From there, you may head outdoors to the Nature moncler usa Trail, which will take you past several popular animal exhibits, through the aquarium gardens, and along the natural estuary of the Yaquina Bay.

Indoor exhibits are arranged by different environments and cheap moncler jackets eco systems, including Coastal Waters, Sandy Shores, Rocky Shores and Swamplands. There are many interactive exhibits, including a special tide pool for children to touch starfish and sea anenomes. Visit the indoor theater, as well, which showcases informational films all day long.

About the Oregon Coast AquariumThe Oregon Coast Aquarium opened in its current location in Newport, Oregon in 1992. The world class facility spans 23 acres of moncler outlet store land along Yaquina Bay, on the West Coast of the United States, near the Pacific Ocean. While the attractions are top notch, the aquarium is probably best known for the time it was home to Keiko the Killer Whale (star of „Free Willy”). The whale made the Oregon Coast Aquarium moncler outlet his home for several years before he was returned to the wild in Oslo, Norway in 1998.

The aquarium originally was envisioned by local business leaders who proposed a facility to draw visitors and boost the local economy. Over a ten year period, a non profit organization was formed and raised $11 million to construct the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Outdoor Attractions at the Oregon Coast AquariumThe Nature Trail winds visitors around the uk moncler outlet outdoor attractions at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Be sure to visit the sea otters, the seals and sea lions, the octopus moncler outlet sale and the Aviary in which you’ll see puffers and a relative of the penguins Auks. Feeding schedules are posted so you can watch the seal do back flips and wave for his meal, and enjoy the antics of the adorable sea otters.

A large number of volunteers are on site to answer questions and offer information about the animals’ activities. They’ll also remind small children to moncler online store stay off the rocks and avoid tapping on the glass. Most of the outdoor attractions have several viewing locations. You can see the animals above the water, or walk down to a viewing location below the surface to watch them dive and spin!

The Oregon Coast can be windy and cool year round, with relatively mild temperatures usually hovering around from 50 60 F. Be sure to pack a jacket, hat and umbrella just in case. You won’t want to miss the outdoor attractions just because its raining!

After you’ve seen the animals, be sure to continue around the trail to the outdoor children’s play area, or simply to view the serenity of Yaquina Bay. Educational signs and plaques are posted to moncler uk outlet provide additional information about the eco system and environment.

Indoor AttractionsThe Oregon Coast Aquarium has many indoor attractions, which is good for those cold, rainy days, but also educational no matter the weather outdoors! No visit to the aquarium is complete without walking through the Passages of the Deep. Surround yourself with sea life above, below and all around you! My children loved watching sharks swim all around.

Four different environments are showcased, as well: Coastal Waters, Sandy Shores, Rocky Shores and Swamplands. Visitors moncler womens jackets can learn about the variety in eco systems and the sea life that is unique to each. Large and small exhibits are included, from alligators to piranhas and moncler outlet online seahorses to starfish.

Lots of educational materials, exhibits and volunteers are on hand to answer questions and provide more information!

Aquarium Attractions Especially for Children (ages 3 11)The Oregon Coast Aquarium is family friendly for kids of all moncler sale online ages! Great effort has been made to keep children entertained and moncler sale engaged.

My 3rd grade children loved reading all the information plaques posted around the aquarium. But they are also still young enough cheap moncler sale to have enjoyed climbing on the outdoor play structures, crawling through swampy „logs” and climbing on the indoor mangrove „roots.” The outdoor tidal pool was a big hit, as well. Other interactive exhibits include an explorers tent in the Swampland section.

For tired kids ages 4 and under, you can rent a stroller (single or double). There is also an on site restaurant to feed hungry children that could get cranky!

Of course, there is a gift shop, as well! A wide selection of souvenirs, t shirts and sweatshirts and even cameras cheap moncler coats mens to record your visit, is offered.

Oregon Coast Aquarium Hours, Admission and other DetailsHours: The Oregon Coast Aquarium is open every day of the year, except moncler sale outlet December 25 (Christmas). daily. daily. Check the website for special events and/or closures.