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moncler jackets outlet online 109 points submitted 28 days agoI wondered the same thing for quite some time. I feel like part of it must have to uk moncler sale do with moncler sale outlet the lure of the „sexy” factor. I was once upon a time interested in DR. As an M1 on my winter break, I remember telling my fam back home what fields I was interested in EM, Gen surg, Radiology. I always got very intrigued, excited looks till I hit radiology. Frankly, to people who are not in medicine, radiology doesn even sound like being a doctor. „Really, you would just sit and moncler sale look at pictures? Then why you go to med school???” A lot of them thought that „the person in the ER who walks around taking XRays with the machines,” (who we all obviously love and adore as the moncler outlet uk radiology techs), were in fact the radiologists. No idea there was a difference between the two.To people in medicine, we know that radiology affords a very nice lifestyle and is in fact a very rewarding field in medicine if you the type of person who is the right fit for it. Probably the most enticing aspect of it, though = LIFESTYLE.So, in my opinion, IR allows med students who want that lifestyle to work toward that lifestyle, while being able to feel more like a doctor and moncler sale online feel sexier than telling people they gonna sit in the dark and look at pictures.Not trying to shit on moncler outlet radiology here (I still feel I would have been happy doing it), but that been my experience of the misconception of those not in the medical field. Hey, we all want to be loved. 7 points submitted 10 months agoNow imagine, you are 75 miles from O and ask for an emergency landing. What moncler outlet online will it take to align the plane with the closest runway heading? How many flights have to be re routed? How many flights have to be ground held for EMS to reach the runway? What landing sequences have to be radically changed?Thats a bit dramatic. Not all flights that land with a medical issue on board declare a medical emergency. When one does, ATC „makes shit happen” (according to a commercial pilot friend of mine) to get that plane on the ground as fast as possible. No one moncler womens jackets has cheap moncler jackets womens to be held for EMS because they won be anywhere near the runway. They meet the plane at the gate. It really cheap moncler jackets not a big disruption to the system.For example, transplant procurement teams are considered air ambulances and best moncler jackets are generally given priority handling. When I gone, the crew knows a general time that we are coming but its not specific as traffic in NYC is very unpredictable and there are delays in the OR. We generally are able to walk through the terminal, on to the tarmac, and be taking off in less than 5 10 mins. Of course we are taking off at a small airport, but we are given priority handling of our route in the very crowded NY airspace (JFK, LGA, and Newark) with very very short notice. ATC makes it work.Nomedaddy 1 point submitted 10 months agoPeople who commit suicide matter just as much as victims of other violence. I had a good friend from high school commit suicide in December, and I don think I ever seen a funeral with that many people before. But I almost certain that if he didn have access to guns, he could have and would found another way. If he hadn had access to that gun, he might have been found laying next to an moncler outlet woodbury empty bottle of pills rather than a gun, but he still would done moncler usa it. He was just in a dark place. I agree, we need more mental health cheap moncler sale facilities though. We treat mental health as a taboo. I just don see how taking guns away from people would make a difference though when they could just take a bottle of pills instead or throw a rope up and hang themselves instead. People in that state of mind just want their pain to end. It very sad, but it true. 3 points moncler outlet sale submitted 1 year agoAnd in my mind it somehow feels like I trapping them (?) when I think that they would rather have another friend sit close to them.To break the ice, maybe sit in the moncler outlet store row in front or behind someone you want moncler uk outlet to talk to and make small talk before class? At this point, I would say you are the one who needs to make the effort to reach out to people and be friendly, which can be nearly impossible due to anxiety. However, every little step you make, as trivial as some of them may seem, will help you.medschoolprof 2 points submitted 2 years agoIn response to the idea that students only hurt themselves when they do this, faculty usually say that it disrespectful to the person speaking. I can say from personal experience that it disheartening to stand at the front of a packed lecture hall, giving a talk that you spent a lot uk moncler outlet of time moncler online store on and which you think is pretty good, and knowing that 1/3 of the audience are reading email and checking Facebook.I not suggesting that laptops should be prohibited just to make the lecturers feel better about themselves, but I wonder if it the same students who surf social media in preclerkship courses who are the ones that get called out for checking their Twitter feeds in front of patients during bedside cheap moncler coats mens rounds with a team. 4 points submitted 2 years agoThis is the real world though, its ingrained in how we currently function. I not talking about we as in the youth. Next time you are in a department meeting look around the room at how many of your colleagues are „checking urgent messages.” This kind of behavior goes all the way up to the executive board rooms as well.I push for a more laptop free environment in case conferences/team based learning where its designed to be an intimate environment over lectures any day. As someone moncler outlet prices who has done both handwritten notes and electronic, I have to say using paper is impractical and very environmentally cheap moncler jackets mens unfriendly.turqoisevagina 52 points submitted 2 years agoJust did some reading on this, here the interesting parts. Apparently the chimp was a kind of mascot for their towing company and Ms. herold who owned the chimp was pretty well off from the money. Ms. herold after losing her husband and son slept with, bathed with and ate with her chimp. The chimp had escaped twice before, one time he chased a police officer around a car. Travis the Chimp was well known in the town and discount moncler jackets went shopping, eating and even greeted police officers on the street. On the day of the attack Charla Nash was invited over but had a different hair style and was holding one of his favorite toys. the chimp was also given xanax laced tea that day. Nash lived, she went on oprah, she sued for 10 million. Ms. herold died, she got 4 million. She tried to sue the state and was unsuccessful. Nash got reconstructive surgery and is permanently blind. My little analysis/opinion is that Ms. herold became mentally ill after all her loss and started treating her pet like a human, leading to reckless behavior and eventually this incident. opinion: while I feel pity for these people, I can get over how recklessly idiotic you have to be to be near an animal like that without protection moncler jackets outlet online.