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Wukong is currently the most useless Warframe

Wukong + Glaive now is basically pre fix Contagion with a slightly smaller explosion radius. It still does a lot of damage but has nowhere the range it used to have.It was a very powerful build yes, but also very situational since canada goose uk shop the explosion radius is so huge you could get yourself killed even if you have your 2 canada goose uk outlet 3 to prevent that. canada goose factory outlet Its canada goose outlet Canada Goose Online new york city the same thing with Contagion, the arcanes are expensive to buy/ build and now its a completely worthless arcane.Okay yeah, it was a bug and it got fixed, but in return can we at least have the arcane become viable again? canada goose outlet parka Maybe retain 50 75% of the damage canada goose outlet online output it used to have so its very effective, but doesn literally nuke the enemies. For Wukong, maybe add a range canada goose outlet nyc cap on it canada goose clearance for I don know, 20 meters? So it doesn nuke uk canada goose the entire map but still retain that nuking capability.I really don canada goose outlet jackets understand DE sometimesShush! Don you know that if any frame can do anything Canada Goose Jackets you can do better regardless of context or whole kit combination you essentially useless in this game? Never mind the fact that a lot of frames with a lot canada goose factory sale of options need to have to canada goose black friday sale sacrifice at least a canada goose outlet few abilities to maximize others and canada goose outlet sale can do everything all cheap Canada Goose at once as effectively like an Oberon can.Clearly, there only canada goose outlet uk sale 4 frames everyone considers good and uses.Trinity for energy, Chroma for single target damage, Rhino for defense, and Banshee for nuking.Playing for variety? Fun? You in the wrong place canada goose outlet toronto factory my friend. Why canadian goose jacket bother using anything else but a high damage frame with Maiming Atterax for 90% of the content?And you can use void mode for reviving people canada goose store but while using it you cannot kill stuff.You not supposed to spend a lot of time in operator form. Walk to the downed mate, press 5, press canada goose outlet uk shift, revive, press 5 again. Wokung can kill stuff while you revive another person either.You canada goose outlet online uk can play him in canada goose outlet store uk the Canada Goose online endgame content/endlress runs and still be pretty damn effective.Just being able to take all the damage isn useful in itself to me. That has nearly no value if there isn something else you canada goose black friday sale can do with it. There canada goose outlet canada is no content besides 1.5+ hour endless missions where his invincibility gains value and cheap canada goose uk even then crowd control would help you and your team more.If you bring effectiveness into uk canada goose outlet the argument then you have to compare it to something. And Wukong is not effective. He can be there and he can shoot stuff, yeah. But canada goose every frame can do that.Wukong only has a use if you want to be stoned out Canada Goose Coats On Sale of your mind, if you have canada goose outlet reviews the worst movement tech or just really don want to bother doing anything.I not saying you not allowed to like him or that he can be fun. That has nearly no value if there isn something else you can do with it.Strongly canada goose coats disagree. Not caring about taking dmg is canada goose outlet in usa huge. You are not wasting time taking cover or healing yourself, you just care about canada goose jacket outlet killing stuff. Wukong playstyle is really helpfull especialy if you are new Canada Goose sale at the game and don have a good grasp on controlls yet. And you don really need to have a good collection of mods to make him immortal. Just slap a rage on him and maybe flow and you are good to go.He is great for missions where you don care about CC like assasinations or survivals. Missions that have two canada goose uk black friday official canada goose outlet objectives: don die and canada goose outlet black friday kill stuff. Saying buy canada goose jacket that Wukong is not an effective frame is factually Canada Goose online wrong. Because he canada goose coats on sale is pretty damn effective at that first objective. The other one is taken care by buy canada goose jacket cheap the weapons.Now I am NOT advocating against Canada Goose Parka his rework. I would love Wukong to be more fun to play. That what effectiveness looks like. Just being there and shooting stuff isn effective.You are not wasting time taking cover or healing yourself, you just care about killing stuff.That comes with a trade off of 3 abilities. You can easily make up the time spend healing or dodging by buffing your damage through abilities. Ten fold. It very short sighted to think Wukong is effective at assassinations and to say goose outlet canada healing/dodging is the reason why he performs better than other frames when one of the most squishy frames canada goose outlet store in the game (Mag) canada goose outlet shop just has to press 2 to melt most bosses in the game in 1/20th of the time Wukong needs.I hope you talking about solo survivals when you say you don care about cc Canada Goose Outlet there because otherwise that just wrong.Weapons are never ever as good at killing stuff as abilities canada goose clearance sale or are an acceptable substitute. How new are you to the game that you would claim that.