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Alright I need more help than youtube can give me

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I could canada goose uk shop really need some advice canada goose black friday sale on how to play this game.

I have watched alot of videos, tutorials and guides canada goose clearance on ammunition, where to shoot and alround game mechanics and I did really well up untill I hit this BR. I just stopped performing. I don mean underperform, but I canada goose uk black friday simply have no impact buy canada goose jacket cheap on the game what so ever.

I feel that the Germans are a bit squishy so I try to stay in the canada goose factory sale second line and try to flank so I can have a chance Canada Goose Outlet at penetrating the weakspots on the Canada Goose online sides and cheap canada goose uk rear of the tanks. I am shooting at a single target and then immidiatly Canada Goose Parka move after a single shot because in all of my tanks I am a one hit kill for everyone it seems. (Might be a bit excaggerating but honestly I would say the last 30 deaths out of 40 has been one hit kills on me)

I could really use some advice on Canada Goose Coats On Sale what I am doing canada goose store wrong as I am at a loss to how I can change my behaviour. I feel like I am driving in a light tank in WoT out in the open without sixth sense and being canada goose coats on sale permaspotted.

I really like Canada Goose Online the game and especially the realistic damage model and up untill now I have not had any problems so I would LOVE to get some help so I can stop feeling so frustrated and useless. : )The F2 is super easy to play since you can one hit everything even when upteired, I argue it a seal clubber on par if not better than the Jumbo. it can be penned by anything at any range, you have to use it like a sniper, use your speed to get into a position and snipe targets around point, don feel the need to push canada goose to and cap as you have no armour, use your binoculars canada goose coats and scan really fast, this tank relies on you being able to spot enemies before they spot you/get out of vision. Hull down over hills and stay in tree lines if there is no cover. you should catch enemies when they push up via long range.

I got 122 deaths and 294 kills in the F2, it a real seal clubber if you know how to use cheap Canada Goose it, but maybe Germany is not for you.