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I get shitloads of matches but can’t get a solid date

I open with a comment/joke canada goose factory sale in reference to their pic or about me to get them talking. They usually respond well. then I get canada goose outlet new york city em talking a bit about their weekend. and then what they do for fun. basically be flirty and try to find something in common with em. for instance if she canada goose outlet toronto uk canada goose factory also plays an instrument. i get her Canada Goose Outlet talking about that canada goose jacket outlet then say something like „We defs have to catch up for a canada goose canada goose store outlet store uk jam sometime”. They usually be like yeah for sure. I ask „what u up to on [whatever day]”. they say oh nothing why that. then I say we should catch up for uk canada goose outlet drinks [or ice cream or whatever]. they usually give me a bit of resistance or seem hesitant buy canada goose jacket and canada goose outlet parka canada goose coats on sale say maybe I let you know. and I been asked if I been on many tinder dates or other qualifying cheap canada goose uk questions. I canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet shop end up getting them to lock in canada goose outlet reviews the date eventually. then I say my number is XXX. canada goose outlet text me your number babe. and the last few times they haven even responded to that. But cancelled later on.

Someone told me I should get them on snapchat canadian goose jacket to build a bit of comfort. thoughts on this?

Or am I trying to have too much conversation with them. should canada goose I try make it a bit more short and sweet?

Like I say I canada goose uk outlet from melbourne. So anyone who from canada goose outlet uk sale around here with some success, care to share?

If she is attractive (why else would you be matched?), she has hundreds of guys canada goose factory outlet messaging her with generic, boring bullshit. Be the guy that sends a message she shows all her friends because it so different.

How to Canada Goose Parka screen for canada goose clearance sale dtf girls and set a canada goose outlet online uk sexual frame?

I like to comment Canada Goose Jackets on goose outlet canada canada goose uk shop fancy dress as it 99.9% sexual. If canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket cheap in usa they haven got fancy dress photos? Then that the first thing you speak about.

Best way to get the number and set up a solid date?

Following on from your cheap Canada Goose fancy dress conversation:

Me: What your best costume to date?

Her: I dressed up as a snow white once. blah blah blah

Me: Mine so much better. canada goose clearance You need to prove just how good yours is. You have WhatsApp?

Now you have the number, you need to use usual text game, with a bit more personality. It a cold approach via texting, which is difficult. Show canada goose outlet store personality, but keep to the 80% rule. Whatever effort she gives, show 80% back. That means if she Canada Goose online shop takes 30 minutes to respond, take about canada goose coats 45 mins 1 hour.

You find some girls take longer Canada Goose sale than others. Shortest I had to speak to canada goose outlet uk Canada Goose Online a girl is about 2 days. Longest is about 2 weeks (texting 1 2 times a day)

Bottom line is lots of girls use Tinder to make themselves feel better, with no intention of going on a date. Go in with the attitude that you never going to see these canada goose black friday sale girls in real life ever (which you won unless they agree to meet you).

I always open up with the most canada goose outlet black friday cringey pick up line I can piloshop think canada goose uk black friday of. Usually something like „Hey, you wouldn happen canada goose outlet online to be canada goose outlet sale an archeologist would you?”

If she doesn respond than who gives a canada goose outlet jackets fuck. If she responds to that question, then you know she at least got a canada goose outlet nyc sense of humor or generally attracted to you enough to answer your stupid question. She usually say something like „umm no why”, and I throw her the zinger „Because I got a large bone for you to examine”.

I have so much fun on Tinder because I just don care. I jokingly pull shit like this all the time and the funny part is Canada Goose online canada goose outlet canada some girls are very responsive to it. They like guys with senses of humor. Some girls will go „NICE TRY DUDE” and canada goose black friday sale block you. If she laughs or continues talking to you in any way, then you know you official canada goose outlet in. Get her number very quickly after that, and from there on it general text game.

As far as pictures, here essentially what I going with:

1st picture solo picture (note: NOT A SELFIE) of you looking happy and good. your best picture, crop if necessary.