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moncler jackets on sale There is honestly no indication from Pegg when this was. TFA changed a lot during even just the shooting process, never mind the writing. Driver showed up to set with a voice he uk moncler sale thought up, and had to scrap discount moncler jackets it. Finn and Rey dynamic changed. Poe originally moncler outlet died and Han originally lived. I would be shocked if it was never once considered, giving Rey some sort moncler sale online of connection (and for my money I honestly suspect Obi Wan is more likely, since that could be more distant). He had to switch on the fly. This split between Han and his son brand new to TFA, of course, and recounted in horrible scene of exposition between Han and Leia is given more importance than the Han Leia relationship established over all three movies of the OT moncler jackets on sale.