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Dentist says I need fillings for receding gums

He also said that my receding gums are a canada goose outlet new york city result of harsh brushing goose outlet canada and teeth grinding.

I not positive if I actually need these has anybody experienced the canada goose clearance same issue with receding gums and what canada goose clearance sale did you do to help it? Can I help it by changing my brushing habits? Just FYI, I a 29 canada goose outlet uk sale year old female and I wear a mouth guard at night for my teeth grinding.

Edit: Just a correction, my dentist wants to put the fillings in canada goose outlet jackets to also protect the root of my teeth which were exposed Canada Goose Jackets (and not only protect the gums). canada goose outlet store I been using a soft buy canada goose jacket cheap toothbrush for years now but I think harsh brushing and teeth grinding have been contributing canada goose outlet black friday to the gum canada goose store issue. It would be a good idea to switch to an electric tooth brush as suggested. Thanks so much to everyone for uk canada goose your feedback so far!Fillings there aren’t really possible. Has nothing to which it can really bond.

I have the same problem and have been seeing my canada goose Canada Goose online outlet sale dentist every canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet reviews 2 weeks for the last month and canada goose outlet canada a half for it. With cheap Canada Goose significant results. This is how canada goose coats it went for me:

Change to a soft bristle toothbrush

Use Sensodyne (or similar) canada goose outlet store uk toothpaste,

Floss the canada goose outlet parka problem area better canada goose outlet in usa than usual.

Listerene Total Care (the purple one) has a lot more of he sensitivity filling stuff than other canadian goose jacket mouthwashes. Canada Goose sale You’ll notice a big difference in the feeling of your mouth after using it. The Canada Goose Outlet key here is you aren’t supposed to rinse it. You’ll notice tiny bubbles formed at your canada goose outlet online gum line. This it the mouthwash doing its thing.

My dentist has been putting on layers of what he refers to as „desensitizer” with each visit. I didn’t ask yet, but I suspect it is something that has canada goose outlet toronto factory similar properties to canada goose jacket outlet the canada goose uk black friday Sensodyne toothpaste canada goose outlet shop and he mouthwash (which is to fill in the tiny holes that are exposing your nerves). Seemed to just buy canada goose jacket be a canada goose factory sale thin liquid/gel that he out on the trouble spot and blasted with air to cheap canada goose uk dry it.

Combination of all of these things has been a HUGE help, canada goose outlet uk but I’m not out of the woods yet. He said the best option is to keep my canada goose uk outlet gum health as possible so it grows back a bit. So regular mouthwash and flossing canada goose outlet multiple times a day for me.

Also, for what it is worth, I’ve had 3 different dentists tell me that gum line fillings never stick. Judging from the input I received on this thread I not sure if my dentist suggested composite fillings or a sealant to protect the roots he said he wanted to „fill in the area” to protect the roots from my harsh brushing. I definitely being a lot more gentle with brushing now canada goose outlet online uk and going to take your advice on top of consulting canada goose jacket with the dentist on what he official canada goose outlet exactly he wanted done. I Canada Goose Online an overenthusiastic brusher, apparently. Had it done while I was in India, of all places. Nice dentist office, top of the line equipment, I think everything including a whitening cost me $100.

Basically he applied color matched filling material to the exposed roots, tapering it at each end. It looks terrific uk canada goose outlet and yay, no more pain canada goose black friday canada goose uk shop sale which is why I wanted it done in the first place.

How good the work is, canada goose I guess, depends on the skill of the dentist. It doesn protect the gums or prevent them from receding further, it just replaces their function in protecting Canada Goose Parka that canada goose outlet nyc part of the tooth. They pricey canada goose black friday sale but have canada goose factory outlet canada goose coats on sale been quite effective for me.