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canadian goose jacket NYSE board needs to go back to Deutsche Boerse and at least show that they trying to extract more from Deutsche Boerse, said Timothy Hoyle, director of research at canada goose uk black friday Radnor, Pennsylvania Canada Goose Coats On Sale based Haverford Trust Co, which owns 1.3 million NYSE shares.first step should canada goose outlet sale be to somehow buy canada goose jacket cheap signal that they trying to renegotiate a better deal from the original. That what I would want to see as an investor, Hoyle said. then after that, try to at least talk to Nasdaq and ICE.The views Canada Goose Jackets of NYSE Euronext shareholders are crucial in the battle for the company future as ultimate arbiters for any deal and could force the hand of Chief Executive Duncan Niederauer, who has come out fiercely canada goose factory sale against the Nasdaq/ICE bid.Niederauer has accused the competitors of trying to disrupt, distract and discredit his company.All four exchange operators in the mix have buy canada goose jacket been feverishly making their case to shareholders, who canada goose coats on sale are due to vote on the NYSE Deutsche Boerse deal on July 7.But an early sign of what they think is likely to come as soon as Thursday, when NYSE has its annual shareholder meeting. The level of support for the directors could indicate the backing NYSE has for its current stance.The nine shareholders polled by Reuters hold more than 3.6 percent of NYSE Euronext between them and include both long term investors and canada goose coats merger arbitrageurs.never hurts to talk, said Dave Simpson, co canada goose uk shop manager of the Edge Equity Income Fund at Seattle based Edge Asset Management, which owns 1.2 million shares in NYSE Euronext. should negotiate the uk canada goose outlet best deal they can for shareholders.Under their agreement, NYSE Euronext has to keep Deutsche Boerse informed about its conversations with any other bidder for the canada goose black friday sale company. And if the NYSE Canada Goose Outlet believes another deal is better, it must give uk canada goose the German exchange at least five days to negotiate and modify their agreement.As many as seven shareholders thought Deutsche Boerse had room to improve its deal with NYSE.everybody is keeping their powder dry because any merger wouldn happen until the beginning of next year, said Thomas Caldwell, chairman and founder of Toronto based Caldwell Investment Management, who with his firm holds more than $100 million in NYSE shares. lots of time for machinations and canadian goose jacket skulduggery and rhetoric.Four cheap canada goose uk shareholders thought that the Nasdaq/ICE bid undervalued NYSE Euronext as well.One investor who has about $100 million invested in NYSE and Deutsche Boerse shares said he could see Canada Goose Online the Big Board parent sold for some $50 per share.Nasdaq and ICE offer is currently worth $42.91 per share.NYSE Euronext shares closed on Wednesday at $39.39.expectation is that in some way, shape or form more value will be given to NYSE shareholders between now and when the deal gets done, the investor said.NO CLEAR PREFERENCE YET As the two potential deals stand now, four shareholders said they prefer the Nasdaq/ICE offer, while three said they like the Deutsche Boerse deal better.favor the Canada Goose online merits of the Deutsche Boerse deal; but as with everything, price matters, Haverford Hoyle said.Another shareholder said the preference depends on the investor time better to get paid a bit more in the company short run, canada goose clearance sale or to get more in the long run? I don know that there a right answer, Edge Asset Management Simpson said. those of us that are looking at the long term business plan, it would appear that the Deutsche Boerse bid is better.But others argue that the higher price and a cash canada goose uk outlet component in the Nasdaq/ICE bid Canada Goose sale make it more attractive.Nasdaq and ICE have offered NYSE $14.24 per share in cash, besides stock in the two companies. The Deutsche Boerse deal cheap Canada Goose is all stock.obviously more value and a significantly larger amount of synergies, one large investor said. question will be how much progress they get on antitrust.Nasdaq and ICE see net synergies of $740 million in canada goose clearance their offer. NYSE recently revised its estimate of the savings and Canada Goose Parka revenue benefits from the Deutsche Boerse deal to around $725 million.Both deals also face significant regulatory canada goose store risks, but at this point most shareholders said they did not have a clear idea of how such reviews in the United States and canada goose Europe would play out.Three investors thought that the Deutsche Boerse deal had a better chance of surviving scrutiny, while one thought the Nasdaq and ICE bid had the better odds canadian goose jacket.