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What is a loophole you found out and exploited to the max

Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users buy canada goose jacket cheap canada goose outlet sale posting privileges canada goose coats on sale canada goose outlet canada as necessary if it is canada goose outlet black friday deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. more >>

Comment replies consisting solely cheap canada goose uk of images will be removed. Well, there was a fucking metal staple in my burrito. I brought it up with the staff, and the owner Canada Goose Online apologized and gave me cards for five free burritos. I filled uk canada goose out an incident report, and got a call canadian goose jacket from corporate later that day. They sent me another 5 vouchers for free burritos. Not really a loophole, but I got 10 free burritos because there was a staple in my free burrito.

Edit: wow, this blew up canada goose outlet online uk overnight. A lot of commenters are correctly pointing out that I could have gotten much more out of the incident. The staff were very nice, and shit happens. canada goose outlet reviews coat Reported it to the uk canada goose outlet manufacturer, they freaked the fuck out, asked me to send it in, sent a bunch of coupons for frozen pizza, redeemable at official canada goose outlet my local grocery store. Presumably they had their engineering crews pull the line apart to figure out where the canada goose factory outlet rivet came from.

Turns out it was held together with Canada Goose Parka rivets.

Edit: I canada goose clearance will just add to this another, more recent thing (probably 4 years ago). A certain battery manufacturer would stick these little stickers on the outside of their packages that allowed you goose outlet canada to get a rebate if you collected so many of them (entering the codes in a website). All you had to do was peel the stickers off the battery packs in the store. They had several different types of these promotions at different times. Some offered rebates, some offered gift cards, etc etc. I canada goose uk shop made a couple hundred bucks doing that. They finally started putting the stickers on the canada goose outlet inside of the packages to prevent what I buy canada goose jacket (and others) were doing.

Note: I really disliked pealing the stickers off in canada goose uk black friday the store, so I started buying them, taking them home, taking the stickers off and then returning them to the store for a refund. Was a lot less risky.

edit: another one. Arby canada goose and a couple other fast cheap Canada Goose food places canada goose outlet shop would have these surveys on the back of the receipts. If you did them (via phone or computer) you got Canada Goose Coats On Sale a Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet toronto factory code that would give you a free food canada goose outlet nyc item (arby roast beef). Well, you could canada goose outlet jackets get a lot of free ones canada goose store with just Canada Goose Jackets one purchase. You buy a roast beef sandwich, use the receipt to get a free one later. and they would give you another receipt (which showed you paid nothing for the sandwich) canada goose uk outlet which allowed you canada goose black friday sale to get another roast beef sandwich. and on and on and on. They eventually caught on and changed it to where you had to canada goose coats buy something in order to get the free item.

Steak n shake had a good one where if you did canada goose outlet new york city the survey you got $2 off canada goose outlet uk your next order. I LOVED these! You know since I stopped canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet store at steak canada goose clearance sale n shake once a week anyway. so why not? Saved me some money. There was a particular carnival canada goose black friday sale game (the kind where you have to guide a bowling ball down metal rails) that worked on the (then, brand new) Sacajewea gold dollar coins. Canada Goose Outlet They had a change machine right there to help you change your dollars for them.

Well, the machine was clearly canada goose outlet in usa a converted machine that used to change dollar bills for quarters canada goose outlet store uk because for every one dollar bill you put in, it spat canada goose outlet online out 4 dollar coins. I put every dollar I had in it, then I went to get change for my larger bills. When I got Canada Goose online back there was an older man doing the same thing. He tried to shoo me away, but I told him if he canada goose jacket outlet didn share the wealth I report him, so he let me get some more.

EDIT : I still play habbo for maybe an hour every week, just talking with users, I played canada goose outlet uk sale since I canada goose outlet parka was 7 years old. 10 years of habbo.