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Microsoft Garage has created a quirky new photo-messaging app for iOS that promises to make sharing more intuitive by featuring a vertically split screen , enabling the sender to take a photo and type a message over the top half, with the recipient replying on the lower half.Twist is designed to make the user experience more interesting than the segregated text and images of conventional services, with funky fonts helping to create a poster look.Twist program manager Jennifer Shen said: “The mechanics we came up with focus on this idea of juxtaposed images. Having this ability to have a back-and-forth really unlocks a rich communication mechanism where you can share context, compare and contrast, and build a story together.”Developed by Microsoft employees the experimental project is available to download now via the iTunes App Store.This article is about: World handbags replica , Microsoft, Digital, MobileSource: Neowin

Microsoft releases dual screen photo-messaging app for iOS

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