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TheLightArchitect 1 point submitted 1 buy canada goose jacket cheap day ago

Hey guys, I went into my usual thrift shop yesterday and found what may be a vintage cheap Canada Goose Rolex Datejust. I skeptical if it real, but for $14.99 canada goose outlet online I couldn resist!

Red flags: caseback is definitely Canada Goose online not original (and likely fake), date rolls over canada goose Canada Goose Outlet outlet sale slowly buy canada goose jacket (not sure if it supposed to jump at midnight), can find canada goose black friday sale the reference number anywhere on the case. Benson has been a grail watch of mine for a long time. canada goose uk outlet canada goose outlet black friday While I always been partial to canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet toronto factory field watches, this one is particularly special as it is canada goose factory outlet nearly the canada canada goose store goose outlet shop same watch as the one worn by Sir Edmund canada goose outlet jackets Hillary during his famed 1953 ascent of Mount Everest. I probably payed canada goose outlet canada a bit too much canada goose coats on sale for canadian goose jacket it, but the watch is in canada goose fantastic condition for it age and keeps decent time (+/ 30s), and I couldn pass it up.

Some Facts: The canada goose clearance canada goose outlet uk movement is a 16 jewel hand wound model by Smiths, in a chromed cheap canada goose uk Dennison Aquatite case with goose outlet canada an acrylic crystal. Benson”. Benson.

DodgersIslanders 11 canada goose jacket outlet points cheap Canada Goose Parkas submitted 6 days ago

You know, I browse /r/watches, /r/malefashionadvice, /r/malelivingspace and a canada goose uk black friday few other subs about personal, nice items.

And I have to say, people on imgur are some of the Canada Goose Coats On Sale angriest, saltiest, rudest, most bitter people canada goose uk shop I ever seen. Anything that considered „nice”, Canada Goose sale weather it a Schott Leather jacket or Rolex, the comments absolutely shit on it. Ranging from „ew it ugly why would you spend your money on that” to „Why would you waste your money on [nice, respected brand that comes at a premium] when you could buy [pure functionality, cheap brand]”

I sure it entirely sour grapes (I can have/afford it so whatever, I never even wanted it in the first place) but it extraordinarily pathetic.

robemmy 4 points canada goose canada goose factory sale outlet submitted canada goose outlet in usa 6 days ago

It because on Imgur it posted without context. You came to canada goose coats r/watches to look at/talk about watches, and you expect to canada goose black friday sale see things like this submariner with a price that a non enthusiast wouldn understand. The people commenting on Imgur are just looking through the user submitted posts. They looking for memes, GIFs, cute cats, and softcore porn. Then canada goose outlet uk sale they come across some guy posting an expensive watch or leather jacket or apartment, because, like this Canada Goose Online post, it been uploaded for a specific subreddit and then the op also submitted it to the public gallery on Imgur canada goose clearance sale for whatever reason. Without any context, it comes off as someone just saying „look at me and my fancy watch”. With context, canada goose outlet store uk it „let appreciate this fine watch together”.

WillPhillips 3 points submitted 8 days ago

I considering my first thousand dollar watch and would appreciate some recommendations on brand and model I don want to buy Canada Goose Jackets a watch solely for the name canada goose outlet online uk and be surprised at its poor reputation months down the road!

I looking for a stainless steel case

Around 40mm 44mm in size (I a big guy).

Would prefer a canada goose outlet nyc simple ish dial with a handful of canada goose outlet store uk canada goose Roman numerals official canada goose outlet (don need all 12)

A small seconds dial would be great.

Bauhaus ish with contrasting white face and black numerals

I have 3 from that line (light brown leather, and 2 suedes) and all have been excellent. nice and flexible, but still thick, canada goose outlet new york city quick release, lots of buckle finishes canada goose outlet reviews (buckles are nice and solid too) and clean stitching. not sure what else I could ask for canada goose outlet parka uk canada goose outlet.