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moncler jackets kids My wife and I recently had an unsettling experience with a creepy Airbnb guest moncler jackets kids

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moncler outlet woodbury My wife and I recently had an unsettling experience with a creepy Airbnb guest. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler outlet uk I just had a guest that left me and my wife feeling extremely uncomfortable. I called airbnb and am waiting to hear back from a moncler outlet woodbury case manager regarding this guest. moncler outlet uk

womens moncler jackets My wife and I are lesbians, both college aged, and that is something I subtly mention in my profile to discourage discriminative guests. I believe our middle aged guest, Abdul, was trying to act on some fantasy of his with us. moncler outlet When he first arrived, he did not bring any of his luggage to the door with him, which I thought was a cheap moncler jackets little weird, but I shrugged cheap moncler coats mens it off. He came inside and pretty much insisted that we sit down and talk with him for well over 30 minutes. moncler sale online He asked us all sorts of questions moncler uk outlet about our lives. This was a little weird to us because most guests just say hi and that it. Looking back on it, I think he was trying to scope us out before deciding he wanted to stay with us. After talking to us, he finally went to grab his luggage and a gift he had for us, a large bottle of hard liquor. Once again, we just shrugged it off as this guy just being nice. womens moncler jackets

moncler outlet usa I should mention that Abdul is an airbnb uk moncler outlet host himself. He owns several large mansions that he rents out for very high prices. He said he was a doctor and it was obvious that he was wealthy (he kept bragging about it), which made us wonder why he decided to book a room at our little $40 a night condo. Anyway, Abdul insisted that we go to lunch with him. My wife and I are pushovers, and while we thought this was weird, we weren super creeped out yet so we said yes. While we were at lunch, Abdul started making plans for us to watch a movie with him back at our condo. We were trying to come up with excuses not to, but he kept working around them. He also said that he had booked two other places for the next two nights but, since he liked us, he cancelled them and insisted on staying with us and paying us cash for the cheap moncler sale extra uk moncler sale days. We tried to say we be out of town the next day, but he said something along the lines of, „that perfect, then when you get back you can spend time with me.” I then told him that we were considering staying an extra day and he told moncler womens jackets me no very sternly because he „would be lonely.” He also kept joking about staying up late with us and partying (no doubt, with the alcohol he gave us). At this point, we were really starting to feel uncomfortable but we felt sort moncler outlet sale of stuck because he kept working around the excuses we were making. moncler outlet usa

cheap moncler jackets On the way home, he made us get a movie to watch with him on our couch. While we best moncler jackets were watching it, moncler outlet online Abdul kept getting closer and closer to my wife. At cheap moncler jackets womens one point, he put his arm behind her while not quite touching her. I started texting my father to let him know what was going on and requested his help with the situation. Abdul told me twice moncler sale to put my phone down and watch the movie, so I excused myself to go to the restroom and called my father. When I returned, I moncler online store found Abdul massaging my wife feet with her foot on his thigh. My wife looked terrified and helpless. She later told me that he did not ask to touch her, he just started playing doctor and pretended like something was wrong with her foot. I told Abdul that my father was coming to pick up some mail and he put my wife foot down after a few minutes. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet ny Once my father came in and introduced himself (he is very intimidating), Abdul demeanor completely changed. He became very quiet moncler outlet prices and did not look at my father once. He looked like a puppy that had just got caught doing something bad. My father was able to pretend that my wife and I had plans with him and we ended up packing our stuff and stayed at his house for the night. He also told Abdul that he could not stay two extra nights at the condo like he wanted to. On our way out of the condo, Abdul kept asking when we would be back because he wanted to spend time with us. Abdul tried calling me the next morning, but I just texted him to leave the keys on the counter and pretended like we weren completely uncomfortable with everything he did. moncler outlet ny

cheap moncler I realize that my wife and I should have been more stern with Abdul, but in the moment, we felt discount moncler jackets so helpless because he was so persistent and overbearing. After this happened, we had considered just not doing Airbnb anymore. But I don want to resort to that just because my wife and I are pushovers who have a hard time saying no. What moncler sale outlet should we have done differently in this situation and what can we do in the future to prevent this kind of thing from happening to us? cheap moncler

moncler outlet store TLDR; Creepy middle aged doctor booked a room with me and my wife (college aged lesbians). He became increasingly persistent that we spend all our time with him and started massaging my wife feet without asking her. What can we do in the future to prevent these things from happening? moncler outlet store

moncler outlet kids EDIT: I appreciate all of the helpful advice that I have been given. I have learned from this that we have to say no without offering an moncler usa excuse and without being afraid to do so. I will also be purchasing The Gift of Fear at the recommendation of many users. moncler outlet kids

moncler outlet location We had a couple of college kids staying in our spare room upstairs. One of the kids father was paying for everything [their flight had been cancelled or something, so they needed to crash somewhere for a few days.] While they were here they texted me, tried to persuade me to let one of their female friends stay with us and offered cash. I told them no. Just as I sent the text I saw them walking up the driveway with their between them. The dad asked if he could extend the stay and offered cash. I told him no, that we were already booked and he know that if cheap moncler jackets mens he looked at our calendar moncler outlet location.