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the Self Assembly LED Glasses Kit

Due to the amount of interest in canadian goose jacket the Led Glasses that I created and the constant stream of messages asking for help with making canada goose outlet toronto canada goose clearance sale factory them. I decided to make a self assemble kit that reduces the amount of work that is required of you to make your own. The kit has undergone several revisions and is now at a stage canada goose outlet to uk canada goose outlet be sold cheap canada goose uk in small numbers.

I will post new updates on the Facebook page, so:

LIKE SOLID GROUND ELECTRONICS ON FACEBOOK! to keep up to date.4x Latching shift registers(74HC595)8x NPN transistors (ZTX451 orBFY52)24x Resistors(82Rfor blue, green orwhite LEDs, or 150R for red LEDs)8x Resistors (1K)1x Arduino Nano(arduinoclones shouldalso work)154x Diffused LEDs(3mm, 20mA, get 200 of them,in caseof or repairs)4x 8 way Ribbon cable 10 inches to 13 inches(thelength isdependenthead girth)1x Battery Box canada goose coats on sale with switch(4xAA type)

Useful canada goose outlet canada canada goose coats andRecommendedExtras: canada goose jacket outlet (not included with either kits)

ISO A5Sized Foam Sheet canada goose outlet black friday (3 mm to 5 mm in thickness) Plastic housing to protect the glasses canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet new york city Your own animations!!! 15 wayfemale pinheaderStep 2: Tools Supplies

To Canada Goose Parka assemble this kit you will need canada goose outlet parka the following tools:To assemble these canada goose outlet nyc kits, you will need the following supplies:

Solder(multi core flux, finer gauge isbetter) xFlux (pen or paste)Solder wick Hot melt glueMarker PenStep 3: Assembling the Driver Circuit: 1K Resistors

In order to control each led individually theSIPO (Serial In Parallel Out) driver must be assembled. As the driver goose outlet canada is sightly easier to solder, canada goose outlet online I would recommend making it canada goose factory sale before the glasses. The driver PCB included canada goose outlet store uk with your canada goose outlet store kit may differ in design and appearance, however its functionality canada goose factory outlet is completely the same. As resistors canada goose uk black friday are more durable and lesssusceptibleto thermal damage it is best to solder these first.

Just follow canada goose clearance these canada goose outlet uk steps: Identifythe1Kresistors, theywill have the color code „brown, black, red, gold”, or „brown, black, Canada Goose Outlet black, brown” if they are blue resistors. (Image 1) Bend one leg of canada goose uk outlet every resistorbackonitself. (Image 2) Insert a1K resistorinto the PCB in any of the following canada goose black friday sale locations:R25 canada goose store uptoR32. Trim any excess off of thelegs using buy canada goose jacket cheap a pair of side cutters.(Image 6) Inspect the solder uk canada goose joint and fix if necessary.(Image 7) Repeat steps 3to 6until all 8 of the 1K resistor are soldered. (Images 8and 9)

Just like before, follow these steps:

Identify the 82Rresistors, they will have the color Canada Goose Jackets code „grey, canada goose outlet jackets red, black, gold”.(Image 1) canada goose black friday sale Bend one leg of canada goose every resistor back on itself. (Image 2) Insert aresistor into the PCB in any Canada Goose online of the following locations: R1up to canada goose outlet online uk R24. (Image 3) Bend the legs of the resistor outwards, and then solder the resistor in place. (Images 4 and 5) canada goose outlet reviews UTrim any excess off of the legs using a pair of side cutters. Inspect the solder joint and fix if necessary. Canada Goose Online Repeat steps 3 to 6 until all 24of the resistors are soldered in Canada Goose sale place.

Just canada goose uk shop like before, follow these steps: Identify the small notch on one end of the chip.(Image 1) Bend thelegs canada goose outlet sale of the chip slightly inwards. canada goose buy canada goose jacket outlet uk sale (Images2 and canada goose outlet vancouver 3) Insert the chip onto the PCB. Bend the legs to keep the chip held in place. (Image 4) Solder all official canada goose outlet pins on the chip. Repeat cheap Canada Goose steps 1 to 5 for all 4 canada goose outlet shop chips. (Image 5)Click on any image to get a better look canada goose outlet in usa.