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I going to have to disagree a little. The repetition is a good thing, not „silly” and not merely „duplicate sentences”. These repetitions have a purpose as if they were being sung or chanted. Long durational performances have a 50 year long history. People like [Taiwanese American artist] Tehching Hsieh, a pioneer of durational performance art and Marina Abramovic have been hugely inspirational. I cannot possibly repeat the kind of grounds they broken, but I want to look at what is it that a long duration of time achieves and what it does to the body..

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canada goose outlet new york city My father, sister and I moved in with them after mom died from breast cancer two years ago. It was a rough transition at first. Mom was a 'take no canada goose coats uk nonsense’ type of woman. I do it because I made that decision to do it before I came out. I do that work so I can make my church a welcoming space for other queer people, and that work canada goose outlet trillium parka black is important to me. I talk about it a LOT on facebook and instagram, because canadagoose-coats I intentionally came out to spread awareness.So coming out is a super personal decision that I can advise you on, but if you do come out, be prepared for some people even people you love to ignore it, to never use your pronouns and never acknowledge that you did come out canada goose outlet new york city.