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Best Japanese restaurant in NYC

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That said, if you want the best possible fit for a place that fits the bill of all of the above, Brushstroke in Tribeca is probably a decent bet.

Otherwise you gonna wanna go style by style to find the right place.

My quick rec for each type of food:

Izakaya/grilled food: Torishin and Takashi

Ramen: Takashi after midnight on Fridays, cheap canada goose uk Brushstroke ramen bar (if it still there), and Ichiran (be aware you will overpay for quality)

Sushi: 15 East is the best value/money at a sushi spot that I Canada Goose sale aware of. Sushi on Jones is excellent, but you have a 30 minute limit on how long you can be there. Tanoshi is probably the best value among the upper echelon of sushi places here, but Nakazawa and Yasuda get lots of praise as well. My view is that Morimoto and Masa are overpriced

A note on Sushi: BE VERY VERY WARY of any places that are offering you anything south of canada goose coat sale $75 for Omakase for canada goose coats on sale dinner (unless there a cost saving gimmick, like On Jones), and be wary of anywhere offering you a cost under $30 40 for a usual two roll, few sashimi pieces dinner. There an epidemic of falsely labeled fish out there that canada goose uk shop will make you run for the bathroom, especially at those lower cost places. It still happens at some of the „lauded” spots, but will be less common the higher the reputation.

Kaiseki, which is my favorite cuisine in any culture: Shuko. Haven ever had better Kaiseki than N/Naka in Los Angeles, but Shuko the best NYC got the offer. Expect to pay well over $150 for any Canada Goose Coats On Sale decent kaiseki.