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moncler outlet online Can my professor legally threaten to kick me out of class for not meeting their arbitrary hygienic standards moncler outlet online

moncler outlets usa A place to ask simple legal questions. Advice here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered final or official advice. See a local attorney for the best answer to your questions.Get answers to our most common questions, pointers to other moncler sale online sites about the law, and information about cheap moncler sale finding a lawyer of your own cheap moncler coats mens at the /r/legaladvice wiki.See our list of megathreads before posting your question.For a more relaxed and humorous meta discussion of the advice offered elsewhere on Reddit and the posts here please visit Bestoflegaladvice.For discussion of hypothetical legal questions, or other off topic law related questions please visit Legaladviceofftopic.While we do not accept donations or payment of any kind, we strongly suggest that you support Legal Aid and other public service legal organizations either by donating uk moncler outlet directly to the Legal Services Corporation or finding your state or local Legal Aid office and donating to them.Contact the subreddit moderators with questions, comments or concerns.Can my professor moncler outlet prices legally threaten to kick me out of class for not meeting their arbitrary hygienic standards? [Florida]Can my professor legally threaten to kick me out of class for not meeting moncler womens jackets their arbitrary hygienic standards? [Florida]I have a normal Reddit account but I moncler uk outlet don want to include personal details on it so I going to post here with a throwaway.I be short with background details I fat. Not enormously so, (maybe 280ish and rather tall at six two?) but certainly hefty enough where it impacts my life. I am healthy and hygenic, however. I shower with soap daily cheap moncler jackets mens and brush my teeth and such, but invariably some stink remains, as does with everyone at my weight. It simply a reality I moncler outlet store dealt moncler sale with for most of my life, having always been very heavy. I am physically unable to lose the weight and the stink remains (the only colognes that are strong enough to kill it completely are more abrasive than the stink itself), so there is nothing that can be done to remove it. It is not a horrendous or strong smell, however other than this single professor, I have not had a complain about it since High School, and moncler outlet woodbury that is despite speaking and being near multiple people on a daily basis.I currently taking a class in which the professor has sent me a second email demanding me to change my „hygienic standards”. He sent me a first one that wasn threatening, but I considered it rude. I sat in the front row near his seat and my response was to sit farther away in the middle of the classroom (despite my poor eyesight). With this second email, he is moncler outlet being ruder moncler online store and more stern. If I do not comply, he is threatening to have me removed. I have never spoken to him publicly, I have moncler outlet sale never said anything rude to him in text or email (my first and only response was literally „I make sure it isn an issue, thanks”), and I have not interacted moncler usa with or done anything to anyone in the class, and I performing well, so I don know why he has a grudge against me.There is nothing about this in the syllabus, and he doesn even have a note about him being able to change the syllabus later. As far as I can find in the university policy, the same applies. I do not want to be scared and let him „win” and have to change my whole routine when I already know it best moncler jackets will be ineffective, but I don want to explain that as I do not expect any sympathy judging by the very harsh tone of this latest email.I am male, and over the age of majority, and this is taking cheap moncler jackets womens place in a public university in Florida. (I have no issue giving the name of the University itself, I just not sure if it counts as identifying information.)Is my professor allowed to make demands for me to discount moncler jackets alter my body? No, right? And what is the best way uk moncler sale for me to deal with this?You need to look at how you wash and how you do laundry. Not all big people stink. I am moncler outlet usa big, taller and heavier than you, no stink here.First, if you are not washing with a washcloth or brush then you need to start. Are you washing all surface areas, head to toe? What body wash/soap are you using?If you have had a smell for years, there is a good chance that smell comes from your clothes now also. I forget which kind of vinegar you can use so cheap moncler jackets Google it, but you can add that to your laundry in the washer to neutralize ALL odors. Depending on the strength of the smell, may need to wash twice. You can add to the detergent regular baking soda. You can also buy Nature’s Miracle online or at pet stores. It is a enzyme cleaner. If your bath towels are wet and not hung up they moncler sale outlet will get a odor from mildew. See above. If they still smell you need to toss them. Don’t let stuff sit in the washer. Immediately dry it. If you have a front loader it needs to be cleaned weekly for 4 weeks then monthly. Buy the cleaner next to the detergent. Wash head to toe. Genital area last. We do this in healthcare. It’s moncler outlet online called clean to dirty. Use a washcloth and change daily. Buy the cheap ones. No poofs. Scrub the scalp. Condition if needed and blow dry it moncler outlets usa.